Rosemary: Reflection at the Beginning of Earth Week

Painting by Gloria Furman

3 minute read

By: Rosemary Fisk

“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. “– Genesis 2:15 NIV

As these solitary days take us back to essentials, I’m absorbing the passing clues of the forest in resurrection behind our house—the blossoms dropped by the tulip poplars, the sweet shrubs that only smell sweet for one day and I always missed it, the elderberry plants growing in the paths where the birds planted them.  It’s a restful step back from the stressful Aprils I’ve clawed through on a college campus for over thirty years. Earth Day was always crowded into the schedule for class projects and exhibits on the Quad, where I often enjoyed seeing one of my fraternity guys, desperate for extra credit by this point, reciting Ode to Spring to amused friends. Yes, Resurrection indeed.

It’s easy to miss the importance of wilderness, the wild spaces, when we read the Bible.  Moses and Jesus at the beginning of their ministries come immediately to mind. For forty days and forty nights Christ wandered in the wilderness and survived all temptations. How had I always missed that the root of our word “quarantine” comes from “forty,” the number of days diseased persons were put in isolation in the 17th century before being restored.  I hear the scriptures telling us to quarantine in Nature as much as possible and allow God to speak and renew our spiritual health.


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