Trunk or Treat 2019

trunk or treat.frank and nancy.2015October 31
6:00 – 7:30 pm

It’s almost Halloween and while a lot of Christians have mixed feelings on this creepy holiday, at BCOC, we treat Halloween as one of those opportunities to share wonderful hospitality every year. It’s our goal to inject some fun, light, and kindness into our neighborhood.

The question, “What are you gonna be this year?” makes me wonder: What would Jesus be for Halloween? As we prepare to host Trunk or Treat, think about this:
How would Jesus engage our neighbors on this particular night of the year?

  1. Jesus Would Be Welcoming.

Not only would he have the porch light on, but he wouldn’t wait for you to ring the doorbell! Jesus would be standing at the door waiting to greet every trick or treater who came by. Jesus lived a life that was radically welcoming; he even welcomed the people he wasn’t supposed to welcome. If Jesus were to be living in our culture, his house would be the most welcoming house on the entire block.

  1. Jesus Would Be Radically Hospitable.

He wouldn’t leave the candy in a bucket on the doorstep, and he wouldn’t be one of those folks who just drops a piece of candy in your bag and mumbles “have a nice night.” Instead, Jesus would make sure that your encounter with him– however short– would have you walking away feeling cheerful and good about yourself.

  1. Jesus Would Be Generous.

I’ve never heard of anyone more generous than Jesus. He joined humanity– not to be served, but to do the serving. He sets the standard for generosity. Jesus’s house is where all the kids would go because they’d know he gave out the ‘good’ candy.  We may not know all our neighbors around us, but Halloween is a night they all come to us.

Let’s be the most welcoming, generous, and cheerful House on the block! Below are some ways you can be involved at Trunk or Treat. Volunteers arrive between 4:30 – 5:30pm to set up.

Sign up online.

  • Decorate your trunk OR create a small “carnival” type game in or beside your trunk… Here are some EASY ideas: (more on Pinterest) We have ready-made games here at BCOC. Just ask. Other popular stations have been: Fortune-telling, face-painting, temporary tattoos, making balloon animals, corn hole. Bring enough candy to get started. Greeters will walk around and refill your supply!
  • Offer hospitality by giving away treat bags and tickets for concessions – 3 per guest.
  • Greeters will walk the grounds greeting guests. They will replenish candy at popular spots and help guide guests to the restroom facilities at the rear of the Ministry Center. Be in costume for this if you like, or just wear something comfortable (like a BCOC shirt!).

Sign up online!

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